We can assist our clients with the pricing and sale of personal property including real Estate. We are fully licensed auctioneers in Minnesota since 1991 and Mn licensed real estate agents and brokers since 1980, and on site estate sales. Our sister firm is Prime Star Auctions LLC.

Prime Star Auctions performs auctions of collectables in association with other auction houses. Prime Star Auctions will appraise, catalog, grade and do preliminary price estimates of your collectables for free, if you list your auction with us.

We specialize in Real Estate and High Value Collectables.  If you are in a hurry we can purchase your coins outright but they will be at a discount of what you could receive on the auction.

The owners of Prime Star Auctions have been in business since 1980 as a Real Estate brokers, Auctioneers and Business Consultants.

Don’t let your high value items be sold for a percentage of their real value! With our professional sales and marketing skills we can obtain the highest price for your collectables.

Estates and collectors often possess significant antique and fine art pieces which are difficult to sell in a local market to receive the best return.  Through our extensive contacts we can act as agents for the sale of these items.  We have the expertise to make arrangements for sale through: (1)a major auction house in the United States or Europe (we can negotiate commission rates which are substantially lower than those available to individuals), (2)sales to an appropriate dealer in the antiques trade, or (3) to retail customers and collectors at one of the national retail antique expositions that we participate in major American cities.  Services are tailored to suit the client and fees are negotiable.  We can handle all services including packing, shipping and insurance.

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